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We would try to keep the site easy to use, interactive and responsive, open and accessible for anyone anywhere on our small planet. Though this site is targeted mostly onto serious socially and politically concerned users, we can promise you that it won’t be boring, as there is nothing more exciting and challenging than trying to change the world for better! You can do it! We can do it together!
However, for the purpose of maintaining the site’s structural integrity, functionality and decency, we have introduced the following simple general rules and terms of its use:
Please register first. Since the site will address various sensitive issues, we would like to avoid it being abused.
Please tell the truth and only the truth. People of the world have become so brainwashed and zombied, that only a true expression of views and news has a chance to change smth for better.
Please do not vote more than one time for the same issue! Both you and us and everyone else want to have the true picture of events.
Please respect other people’s feelings and views. Do not admit personal, racial, gender, religious or other offensive language, or pornographic discussions! Though the site is intended for free use and expression, we keep the right to remove any indecent content or discriminatory or otherwise offensive rhetoric.
Please help us improve the site. You can do it by sending us your comments and proposals, and you can also do it by donating.
Please stick to using English language only.
Please be concise and stick to the point.  Refrain from idle irrelevant content. Don’t get personal and respect other users’ characters and opinions.
Please respect intellectual property rights. Do not admit copying someone’s copyright material, but rather provide a link to the original source and place your own comments and analysis.
Specific rules of use of Truthsquare functions and services are as follows:
This is not another regular news site! This is a site for alternative news – your own Truth. This is a site for those who have something to say either in addition or contrary to the dominating news. Besides that, on the Truth Squared service you can see the “temperature” of your truth by the number of its viewers, and you can measure the credibility of the posted information by applying the Aristotle’s “Square of opposition”.
If you are a young beginning journalist and you want to make a breakthrough with your news, but do not have access to incumbent news agencies - Truthsquare is your chance to reach to the world!
If you think that in your country some events are covered unilaterally or not covered at all – Truthsquare is your chance!
If you have an interesting thought, or opinion, or secret about some phenomena or about an event – you can share it with the whole world on the Truthsquare!
The above does not have any limitation by “size and importance”. We believe that in today’s deeply intertwined world a minor happening in a remote small town may later have far reaching global implications. Everything is important, be it an event in a far corner of Sahara desert, or on Wall Street, and every thought and opinion counts and may have an effect, especially if it will be combined with millions of other votes! The only criteria for placing news on Truthsquare are it to be a true or interesting, or funny news with serious implications.
Placing informations on Truth Squared is easy by following these indications:
-          Register first.
-          Choose “Add truth” from attributes menu
-          Select the type of truth (text, photo)
-          Fill the required fields (thumbnail and comment are optional)
-          Click on “Add” button


The saying goes that there are three levels of lies: small lie, big lie and statistics.
That is why we’ve invented the Truthsquare statistics, and called it True Statistics, because it will be yours!
And who said that statistics is boring?! We promise that it won’t have anything in common with emotionless numbers and ratios. We want to focus the True Statistics on everything around us, on our lives and our environment, on people and gadgets, and on things we like or don’t like and wish them to change.
For initiating a True Statistic, please follow these guidelines:
-          Register first
-          From attributes menu choose “New poll”
-          Choose Poll category
-          Choose type of Poll charts (pie or column)
-          Write an accompanying brief statement, which you would like to review
-          Write up to 5 answers to be reviewed in the Poll
-          Check the respective age range, sex, occupation, geographical area and other boxes, which you’d like to take into account in the Poll
-          Check the time frame for the Poll to be Active
-          Click on “Add” button


Petitions are an integral part of the whole Truthsquare concept. It is a tool of transforming the power of people’s voices from Truthsquare statistics and Truth Squared into a common effort to change things for better.
There would be petitions related and caused by statistics and news functions, and there would be instant petitions, under which you can subscribe directly.
Petitions will be held for a specific term depending on a subject. Also depending on a subject, after they accumulate a certain amount of underwriters, petitions will be then officially forwarded to respective targeted organizations: Governments and/or Parliaments, international bodies, political parties and/or leaders, consumer protection associations, corporations and so on.
In some cases we may appeal to advocate firms to give our petitions a much a more demanding legal weight. Do you want to change our lives for better?! Petitions from Truthsquare are our common chance!
Placing Petitions is pretty easy, as follows:
-          Register first
-          From attributes menu choose “New petition”
-          Write an accompanying brief explanation to the Petition in the text box
-          Check the number of underwriters and time frame boxes for a Petition to be transferred into an Active Petition
-          Click on “Add” button
In case Active Petitions were not replied or there was no reaction whatsoever in 45 days after addressing it to respective organization or person, those Petitions will be exposed by the Truthsquare administration on Board of Shame with a brief description of the matter.


There are lot of every day lies around us, and we do not want to interfere with them, as many of little lies are innocent, harmless and sometimes even for the better. What we wish to address are the lies that affect many people, worsen quality of our lives and are abusing our trust.
You are not only a user of this site - you are also a consumer of an immense variety of data, services and goods. Are you always happy about them? Probably, not. Was that ad right about the quality of a product or service? Even if you are mad about something you’ve used, in most cases you are either too busy to complain, or simply don’t have an easy way to express your utmost dissatisfaction.
Truthsquare gives you a chance to express your feelings! The underlying idea is that you tell the whole world your true opinion about something important to you whether it is good or bad.
In today’s complex world, when everyone is busy and everyone is traveling, one’s subjective view supported by hundreds of expressed opinions is becoming an objective truth, a Verdict. When the supporting votes would reach a certain count or time limit, they would become the Truthsquare Verdict and will be exposed in the respective section. And there is no harsher punishment for a lousy treatment or bad product than an open true review with a global outreach.
Using Lie Detector is pretty easy by following these steps:
-          First register
-          Choose “Activate detector” from attributes menu
-          Choose the type of detector (text, file, picture)
-          Fill the form
-          Click “Add” button
There are only 2 answers: True or Lie
After the indicated period of time, the Truthsquare Verdict will be displaced in the corresponding Truth or Lies categories, where one can Search any topics.


We understand that being even very smart and strong does not necessarily mean that one can be a leader.  A real leader, whether this is a boss of a company, or a Mayor of a City, or head of a political party, or head of state, and so on, must also be charismatic, and must earn trustworthiness through honesty, care, appealing ideas and decent deeds.
What they say about that leader, is what they say, not you. Truthsquare provides a platform for an open and true expression of people’s attitudes towards various leaders. This is a testing ground for those who want to become a true leader. Those leaders, who confirm people’s trust, would be promoted to the section of Knights of Truth.
On the other side, Knighthood of Truth will be given also to various Users of the Truthsquare site based on User’s Rating service inside the Truthsquare, i.e. those who exposed the most interesting News, or Petition, or those who helped advocate the Petition, or the biggest donors and sponsors to the Truthsquare site will be also promoted to the Knights of Truth board.
We believe that in a few years this site will become a true litmus test for leaders, while Knights of Truth - a well honored status.
The Knights of Truth section works as follows:
-          Register first
-          Choose “Test your leader” from attributes menu
-          Place a picture of the person you are willing to test
-          For an adequate review please describe in a concise but thorough way what that person said or did, or has not done
-          Choose one of the active time options
-          Click on “Add” button
Those, who actively support the Truthsquare and have placed the most interesting Truths or Statistics, or have initiated and helped advocate a challenging Petition, or those who have sponsored through advertising or direct donation to Truthsquare, will be also placed by the site administration into the Knights of Truth status.



Please send your feedback to our Webmasters by clicking here. You may also send ideas from your external email account by writing to
We value your input and welcome your suggestions for improving Truthsquare!
Supporting and promoting the Truth is not easy and not cheap, given the global outreach of the site and necessity to maintain its constant functionality. If you would consider assisting us in our cause, you can do it by direct donations following these donation instructions, or by advertising with us, terms of which you can see under this “advertise with us” link. We greatly appreciate your help!

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With regard to Europe being under a single currency, Margaret Thatcher once said: “Every single fixed exchange rate has cracked in the end. We’re all at different levels of development of our economies. Some countries simply couldn’t live up to a single currency…We should each of us be proud to be separate countries cooperating together.”

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