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About us

The modern world with its intensifying globalization processes is becoming increasingly complex and small. On the other side, truthful information, which is a key factor for a sustainable development, is becoming scarce, either hard too find in an avalanche of unnecessary unrelated reviews or reports, or being forgotten in jungles of entertaining contents, or, simply, manipulated by reigning monopolies providing censored or limited information, which they consider to be important. The market lacks a place where all people could share their truth, while a researcher would be able to get a true picture in an aggregated manner not being in need of researching hundreds of sources or reviewing millions of links.

Truthsquare brings to you several integrated value adding services that we are considering highly important today and that would acquire an exponentially growing importance through the next years. We consider that these services would be of high interest to people involved in political, social and economic events, national and global security issues. These services are targeting socially and politically concerned people who are also interested in looking at events from different perspectives. We bring services not found on the market today like the opportunity to see social statistics, as well as create an active petition database for those who know the power of human voice.

We have chosen the name “Truth Square” because of its deep symbolism, having three important meanings: an architectural place for meetings of people, a doubled value derived by multiplying a number by itself and a right angle of 90 degrees (and truth is always upright and straight).

We shall meet all good people on the Truth Square!

Lie detector

With regard to Europe being under a single currency, Margaret Thatcher once said: “Every single fixed exchange rate has cracked in the end. We’re all at different levels of development of our economies. Some countries simply couldn’t live up to a single currency…We should each of us be proud to be separate countries cooperating together.”

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