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Avatar, Apple iPad and future of Apple shares.

Added by iLogos on Mar 07, 2010 | Visited by 6372 | Voted by 109 persons

The world divided after the January presentation of iPad by Steve Jobs: a part is impatiently awaiting for the moment to grasp the gadget, while another part concluded a priori that this time Apple has produced an unnecessary product, which will become a failure.

I hesitated. On one side, as a convinced Apple user for many years, I was glad to see a new nice gadget, whereas on the other - I couldn't figure out iPad's usability and niche. I have a big iMac for home use, a MacBook Air for business travel, and iPhone - for everything else, with its hundreds of helpful applications. (A man in Haiti was rescued from under the debris after the earthquake, having survived for about 10 days with severe injuries, due to the instructions on medical first aid he had on his iPhone application! - Now all of you who still doubt the iPhone tell me it isn't brilliant?!)

That is exactly the point about iPhone: its applications and internet capabilities are ideal for checks and spot references, but you can't read a lot or surf internet with pleasure for a longer time! In the chain Apple desktop - portable notebook - iPhone, iPad is the missing link between the last two, as I would never carry around with me a notebook, which is quite heavy, expensive and always need to open. Thus, for those many people who like to always be in touch with internet - and this category is increasing very fast! - always reading something, thinking and making notes, for them a much lighter, cheaper than a notebook, powerful and yet compact iPad with a long lasting battery will be an excellent solution and an immense niche.

It hit me subconsciously that I'd like to have an iPad, while I was sitting in a bar and waiting for a friend, my iPhone wi-fi-ed but still too small to read continuously for more than 5 minutes.

Having come to this surprising conclusion about this first tremendous niche, unwillingly I made some other observations regarding the usability of iPad, besides its standard music and films gadget:

In an obvious relation to the above, I see the future of all newspapers and books on iPad! You want a Financial Times, or The Guardian or the 'Lost Symbol' by Dan Brown - yeah, bitte eine iPad! Not in vain Apple has negotiated with leading media corporations and publishers. Those who still doubt it, remember all those science fiction writers, whose initially crazy ideas turned out to be a norm today.

Remember how Dr.Grace (Sigourney Weaver) in the Avatar movie held 'a future iPad' and used it to show Jake and other colleagues the native 'Na'vi's? Extrapolate this to millions of secretaries and business assistances all over the world, who carry paper notepads for agendas, various arrangements and short notes. Wouldn't small and functionally integrated iPad be an ideal and definitely more comfortable substitute for all that?!

Video gaming. Those who tried games on the iPad say that it is just unbelievable. I am not a gamer myself, but knowing well the unique beauty, pleasure and simplicity to work with of all Apple products, and given the price niche, I may assume that all kids and teenagers in the world will want one for their next birthday.

Guidebooks for tourists, integrated screens for cars, police forces in some countries are already considering to buy iPads - you name it.

The fact that Apple for the first time used its own very powerful processor in the iPad remained unnoticed by the wide public and by those who predict iPad's failure. To me it's an even greater reason to think that iPad, as well as other future Apple products with Apple own processor, will become a next unprecedented hit.

Another good sign: last week when Apple announced April 3 as the launching date for the iPad, its shares rose for almost 9 USD that day. Apple's shares year range: 82.33 - 219.70 USD. Any doubts about Apple's future?

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