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Tribute to Margaret Thatcher: great leader has uncovered an alarming void

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When Margaret Thatcher passed away recently, it made me sad, though I saw her only on TV. I guess, I was not the only one, for whom this loss mattered - all news channels were full of reminiscences and reviews about her policies and personality. Though some still hated the "iron Lady", overall the whole world was mourning for a great leader.

Those who are now in their 40-ies and 50-ies, will probably understand what I am going to say. In every person's life there are heroes and demons, who left an imprint on their personality, on life principles and attitudes. An older friend from school shares a "wisdom" from the street, a "Jenny from the block" leaves first impressions about love and relationships, an unorthodox professor at the institute provokes your desire to think differently, an author of an interesting book sets sails for some of your spiritual journeys, while leaders at national/international levels show you how to lead (of course, if you have an inkling for leading).

Recollecting the 80-ies, when I was a student, I can say that the following leaders have left a powerful impact: Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Yuri Andropov, Michail Gorbachev.

Margaret Thatcher for her ability to push for tough but necessary reforms using the power of logic and arguments, for her art of convincing and for her ability to realise plans that seemed impossible. Having won three consecutive elections for the Tories, she revived the nation's pride and set the country on trails of economic recovery. Last but not least, she was very decisive, charismatic, visionary and clever, and her position on international politics, including Afghanistan and Soviet Union, played an important role in reformatting the world politics.

Ronald Reagan - for his acting art brought into absolute in politics, for his extreme charisma, and yet again for his reaganomics, an economic policy, which laid base for a faster assets turnover, hence, modernisation of production that allowed US to make an economic breakthrough in the late 80-ies and 90-ies. He revived and consolidated the nation. His political acting art was probably the best asset of the US foreign policy to have emerged at the right time in the right direction. And his courage not to give up after he has been shot at the very beginning of his term only served as an additional proof that he was a true leader.

Yuri Andropov - because he was different after Brezhnev, more intelligent and deep, having accurate information about the real state of the nation (since he has been head of KGB for many years), he was basically the first to realise that the country needs reforms and to start pushing for changes. Though he tried to change the drunken and sleepy Soviet nation not touching the core socialist principles and tough state control in all spheres, in fact it was him, who laid the basis for a "new thinking" of Mikhail Gorbachev. It is not a well known fact, but it was Yuri Andropov, who pushed young Gorbachev to Politburo.

It was a short period when he was in power, but he managed to made that little push, which later caused big changes.

Mikhail Gorbachev - for his perestroika and glasnost, for his openness, which was far ahead of the whole nation. He pushed for so much needed freedoms to the biggest country in the world. Though in the end he remained a leader in disgrace, mainly because of failure of economic reforms, history will undoubtedly and inevitably praise his merits at a fair value. Sooner or later people will forgive his mistakes and will accept his ultimate merit: he brought Liberty to USSR, and in fact, this changed the whole world.

Add to this Boris Yeltsin - for his keen sense of people's mood. He dared to go against the trend of extremely conservative communist Politbureau in 1987, has been ousted, but then emerged again to become the first President of Russia. He brought populism in Russian politics to an unprecedented level, though in the end this has become a fertile soil for a tougher policy of Putin.

Also add an extremely charismatic Pope of Rome John Paul II, who was popular and respected all over the world, Lech Walesa of Polish Solidarnost, Nelson Mandela from South Africa, who after half of his life spent in prison has become the nation's first black President and a personality esteemed all over the world, the China's Deng Xiaoping, who turned around the country from failed communism to market economy, which basically in 2 decades raised China from obscurity to the second most powerful nation in the world.

All these people are True Leaders, who changed their nations, changed the world, impacted generations, led hearts and left strong imprints on the minds of those who think.

And what do we have now?
Former Presidents of Germany and France - corruption charges, former Prime Minister of Italy - corruption and sex abuse, former Prime Minister of Romania - arrested and jailed on corruption charges, former Prime Minister of Ukraine - arrested and jailed for corruption, former President of Israel - sentenced to prison for rape and sexual offences, Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina President arrested on corruption charges, top EU parliamentarians - corruption claims, Chief of IMF Christine Lagarde - so far a witness in a corruption scandal, former President of Korea - corruption scandals, Japan Governments corruption scandals, corruption charges of the Royal family in Spain.

These are the leaders of today, and, sadly, the list may be continued at top and close to top levels.
We can admit, that some of these charges are politically motivated, but still, there is no smoke without fire.

The world in the last century was probably simpler: two ideologic models were opposing each other, and probably that is why leaders were more, I'd say, mentally focused, driven more by competition of Big Picture perspectives, they were more philosophical and visionary, they had to be!

In the end, communist model brought to absurdity has failed, while capitalism is dominating fully and irreversibly, and getting profits has become the major social guidance. That is the tragedy, actually, because the world nowadays is in bigger troubles, with lots of rapidly growing systemic risks capable of imploding the world in minutes. The world has become much more complex with lots of pressure on its resilience mechanisms, that is why it needs new unifying values, a new evolutionary paradigm, and that is why the void of true visionary leadership is felt so strongly.

A big leader the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher has gone, and her passing has made the void just more obvious.

It is indeed very sad, because somehow currently there is no sign of truly great (Iron) leaders, who would be above money and corporate interests, who can unite and not divide, who would catch hearts and minds with noble ideas, who could change the world with new visions, when the world needs so much to be guided away from the edge of self destruction, towards economic prosperity and illuminated creation.

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With regard to Europe being under a single currency, Margaret Thatcher once said: “Every single fixed exchange rate has cracked in the end. We’re all at different levels of development of our economies. Some countries simply couldn’t live up to a single currency…We should each of us be proud to be separate countries cooperating together.”

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