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Searching for truth about shocking killing in Moldova puts the country to serious integrity and morality test.

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On Sunday January 6th, in the middle of calm New Year and Christmas holidays, the bomb exploded in Chisinau, Moldova, when the leader of Ant-Mafia movement Sergiu Mocanu has declared that the General Prosecutor of the country Valeriu Zubco has killed a man on December 23rd, and tried to cover it.

What followed afterwards, facts and comments that slowly emerge about this tragic accident, especially those done by the younger generation, which exploded the blogosphere and social networks with revolt and demand decisive actions, definitely show that the country so much praised by EU leaders for its successful reforms, is put to a serious integrity and morality tests.

Bad hunting accidents do happen, especially when hunting in groups on a limited area. Hunters have to follow procedures, and still it’s quite a risky activity. Shit can happen to anyone any time.

Remember the hunting accident done by United States Vice President Dick Cheney in 2006? So, no one is immune to mishaps.

But compared to Moldovan case, the shooting done by Dick Cheney was reported to a local sheriff in a matter of an hour-two, followed by next day official statement. Luckily, the victim, though badly injured, survived.

Just Google “hunting accidents”, and you’ll be shocked to discover how many of them do happen regularly, and you can also see lots of sickening images of such accidents. So, it is a quite well known fact that hunting is risky, and everyone who takes part in it, assumes the risks. Though following strict rules should be of course mandatory by law.

Hence, the shooting in Moldovan forests would have passed for an unfortunate unnoticed accident, too, if it were not for the persons who made it and their efforts to cover it.

Many things in this story are not only raising blunt and awkward questions about morality and integrity of the participants, but are also causing disgust. The killing of a young man done by someone from a group of about 20 persons, led by top justice nomenklatura of the country - General Prosecutor, Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Court of Appeal, other prosecutors, mixed with some prominent businessmen - has been kept secret for two weeks and, as it looks like from circumstantial evidence, was doomed to die as a secret, if information didn’t leak out. Moldova is a small country, and truth will inevitably emerge, but the very fact that those, whose primary function and moral obligation is to care for justice, tried to cover it, is debilitatingly nauseating. Who exactly made the fatal shot? - nobody from those more than a dozen people knows? Why relatives of the victim are completely mute? The victim Sorin Paciu was a young man, a son, a husband, a father - and no one cares for the truth? Why he died from apparently an abdominal wound, though a helicopter with best surgeons was called in, who did their best? Rumors say that forbidden dumdum bullets were used and the man was doomed from the beginning. If that’s true, then it is another crime. But yet again, it is declared that there is no evidence anymore, no bullets, no guns. This is totally cynical, as ballistic expertise would have easily stated the owner of the gun who made the fatal shot. They say, that in general that hunting was illegally organized and all those who took part in it, have to be punished.

The victim was said to be filming the nature, and that film has been destroyed, too. Is that true and why? Was the Ministry of Interior informed as required by law, or wasn’t it? Why the Secret Service is silent? Why the investigation is done exclusively by General Prosecutor’s office, if he himself is under suspicion? And why is he suddenly out of the country on holidays?

I am sure that if the unfortunate shooter would have come out publicly with a declaration of this purely hunting accident, and took the sin upon himself - people would have understood, and the accident wouldn’t have turned into a crime! But when top people of The Law kill and cover it, then there is definitely something rotten in Moldovan justice system, the reform of which is, by the way, one of the main requirement for further European integration and visa liberalization regime.

The fact that Moldovan justice is corrupt is not a news - the sad fact of this story is that you cannot reform a corrupt system when minds and souls are also rotten. Omerta among Cosa Nostra or Comorra mafia people is understandable and respected, but Omerta among top official justice servants implicitly makes them mafia as well?

God is the ultimate Judge. But whether the situation will change for better after this tragic case very much depends on politicians. Moreover, given the wide public resonance of the incident, to a great extend the political future of parties and politicians will depend on the stance taken during this scandal: those who play foul will lose in the end, while those who’ll push for the truth and morality to win, will win internally and externally. People nowadays do read between lines, news and details spread fast, while lies and arrogance are punished by voters and especially by the younger generation.

So far only communists and the Prime Minister Filat have openly called for a resignation of all those involved in covering this tragedy. Given the circumstances, the head of the Government not only showed political courage, but also political maturity thru understanding that the country and his Government are put to a serious integrity and morality test in front of Europe and the whole world. However, if this killing remains without adequate resetting and justice reforms, and if an innocent good man will be used as a scapegoat, then not only Moldova’s justice system, but the whole country and its political leaders will lose credibility for a long time - credibility of justice is vital for a state pretending to be democratic, and if you lose it, then it is quite hard to regain it.

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