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Think twice about food supplements and vitamins!

Added by Mayfair on Nov 25, 2012 | Visited by 4884 | Voted by 4 persons

Green tea is praised as an excellent healthy drink, but ever wondered that it can be harmful, too?!

They say, human beings could live 150-200 years, if they wouldn't be prone to viruses, bacteria, parasites, worsening ecology, and had they not abused food and alcohol. The God has created human body as a unique and formidable organism, the natural resistance and self-regulatory and self-sustaining capacities of which most of us start to destroy from the very birth. Our body is an excellently tuned instrument, which knows itself what, how much and when to feed it - just listen carefully to it - while Mother Nature has provided the right nourishment and treatment for everyone and for any disease - unfortunately, we just do not know yet all the secret healing natural ingredients.

If you are not able to listen to your body, then remember the key words: moderation and caution.

Look into the news: alarming rise in obese people, including children, rise in diabetes, rise in depression (and suicide) rates, rise in hormonal disorders, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and so on. Recently I happened to talk to an Ambassador of an African nation, who told me that 20-25 years ago they didn't have obese children and cancer was a rare news. But after massive invasion of junk food networks and soda sweet drinks, lots of obese children, diabetes and cancer cases are nowadays around. I guess, this is only one part of the story. Another part is massive uncontrolled (ab)use of vitamins, food supplements, amino acids, different minerals, all that promise of longevity, beautiful skin and nice bodies.

No one argues that vitamins and amino acids are essential for a healthy being. They are vital while treating some illnesses. But it's a well known fact that normally the body needs them in micro doses, and that you can't accumulate these substances for a later use. Even a temporary undersupply of some of them is not life threatening, as the body learns how to compensate the lack of it. I remember from childhood how once in a while during long winters we've got one poli-vitamin. And when we had some spare change, or gather enough change among friends to buy little vitamin C dragee, which we considered to be an exclusive rare treat of sweet and sour kind of dessert - it was Heaven on Earth. Then we were slim, healthy and energetic toddlers, rarely being sick.

Now you have vitamins, amino acids and food supplements everywhere all days around: drinks, cornflakes, cakes, candies, cold meds and cremes, energisers, fitness bars, in food stores, at gas stations, kiosks, on internet. Even in baby food for newly born! During the past 20 years production and sales of vitamins and food supplements has turned into a global multi-billion industry, with neither strict quality, nor quantity and long term effects control from state authorities. So much money is spent on advertising of these products and their benefits, now massively including internet sales, that a very rare voice is heard, when someone tries to warn that an excess of some vitamins, or amino acids, or supplements, can cause serious misbalance in the body, becoming very harmful and causing serious side effects, sometimes even death.

One of the very few voices of truth, helping shed light over the effects of vitamins and supplements on human body is the site and the book "What you must know about vitamins, minerals, herbs and more" by Pamela Wartian Smith. Wondering about sudden diabetes like symptoms, or depression causes, or hypertension, or dizziness, sleeplessness or constipation, or excessive hair growth, or iron poisoning, or hormonal problems - look into how much vitaminized cornflakes or other food you are eating or drinking, adding to it daily vitamin or amino acid pills, and read carefully on the web site or in the book the possible effects of overdoses of vitamins C, D, E, or A, of calcium, iron, iodine, or ginseng or ginkgo, and so on and so forth.

You'll definitely think twice before starting to use them without a careful examination.

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