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The Bildergberg rules the world: truth to be unveiled soon?

Added by ArmanGhertu on Oct 27, 2012 | Visited by 4267 | Voted by 10 persons

There was a news recently, that at the last meeting of Bilderberg group in May in US, the fate of the presidential elections has been already decided: the Republican Mitt Romney is to win.

At that time this seemed unrealistic, but as the elections are approaching and especially after the first public debate, lost by Obama (actually, usually so charismatic and strong, he looked then apathetic and fatalistic), and controversial Gallup poll, such an outcome looks more and more real. Do you remember the year 2000 elections? It may repeat... with slight variations.

So, we’ll see in about ten days, if Bilderbergs rule the world and are real kingmakers, as conspiracy theories say.

I recall a 2009 movie about the New World Order, where some street activists were demonstrating against Bilderberg meetings, and then I thought: what a shallow approach! It's a well known fact that intellectual and financial elite drive the world forward - the alternative to that happened, for example, in Russia, where in 1917 the socialist revolution gave power to "workers and peasants". It turned not only into a tragic "red terror", which annihilated dozens of millions of people, but inevitably ended up in another type of elite ruling the biggest country of the world, a communist party elite. You know the result.

If those people shouting some anti-Bilderberg slogans on the streets would have suggested serious alternative scenarios, maybe they'd had more credibility and appeal. Otherwise, I guess they won't be different from authors of red terror. The ultimate irony is that even if they had interesting revolutionary ideas, they would anyway have needed state-like structures, parties, international organizations, i.e. bureaucracy (and elite?) to implement these ideas - so, it’s a vicious circle?

That's why I personally don’t mind if highly intellectual personalities from business, research institutes, mass-media, politics, intelligence form international discussions clubs, which impact our lives, and I’ll try to explain in brief.

First, it is becoming more and more clear that the world is not only changing fast, but is facing new and more complex man made and natural challenges, solutions to which are either not yet known or impossible to implement if nations are divided.

Secondly, be it Bilderbergs, Committee 300, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Illuminati, Knights Templar or Priory of Sion - whatever they all are - as long as these seem to be societies of mostly highly educated and highly influential people - let them meet and discuss and try find solutions to challenges we face. More than that, these societies are not only international - they are above dividing politics, above religions, above ethnic differences - this looks much better than watching sometimes how nations or political groups endlessly fight over some artificially induced mind distracting issues, unimportant to humanity.

Thirdly, members of these societies are not only extremely well educated and visionary, but they also intertwine between each other, they have or control companies that due to globalization are omnipresent - they are all people of the world, which is getting smaller, and I doubt that spreading uncontrollable chaos or accelerating the end of the world is on their agenda - on the contrary. At least because of the instinct of self preservation.

Last, but not least. The impression that the world is rushing itself into a self-destruction (or is it not just an impression?!), to my mind, rises not from the bad will of some kind of Global Government made of the above mentioned intertwined secret societies, but rather because of the widely compromised political models in many regions of the world. Democracy basically failed so far in many newly emerged states and in many developing nations, and is perceived as anarchy, impotence, corruption, impunity and abuse of power for self enrichment, without any care for future generations or environment, or the rest of the world. More than that, one can imply that even in the developed world (Greece, Spain) democracies have failed to ensure order and prosperity!

If the above is the sign of the serious crisis of the democratic model, then it means the world is really getting into trouble, because no one has so far invented a better model. The only alternative is dictatorship, tyranny. A new world model permeated with faith and moral is needed, you want it or not. The anticipated "end of the world" in December should turn into the end of failed ruling models, and beginning of e new safer and more predictable world order.

One might say that dictatorship in China and/or tyranny of law in other countries have produced wonders - and they would be right, or at least hard to argue with. Are we coming then to a “good tyrant”? If good God commands - would it be an efficient and plausible tyranny or a repugnant dictatorship? If enlightened personalities from Bilderberg and/or other global societies gather once a year and discuss global complex issues and try find a future suitable model for the world, I would not name them Satans just because I am not part of them.

The “satans” are much closer to you, than you think: the satans are those people whom you directly elect to be your local mayor, or prime minister, or president, and who abuse your vote and let you down by failing to provide solutions. The devil is not in the Bilderbergs or alias, but it is in absence of morality, in greed and arrogance, which are universal traits. Maybe it's elite who governs the world, but it's people who elect their rulers, who have or pretend to have faith, honesty and decency.

Ten days until we see if Bilderbergs have the ultimate power. Two months until we see if the end of the world predicted by other secret societies will happen. Collapse of Euro zone? War with Iran or China? Some man made disasters or natural catastrophe? What is better: an enforced order or an irresponsible anarchy? We'll see soon.

In the end, chances of everything in this life are 50/50...

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