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Kirill Formanchuk, a Russian fighter for drivers' rights

Added by ArmanGhertu on Aug 23, 2009 | Voted by 167 persons

Kirill Formanchuk, a young law student from Yekaterinburg, Russia, has acquired notoriety after he started to challenge the lawlessness and extreme corruption dominating in the Russian traffic police. Probably for the first time in modern Russian a young man has practically opposed the corrupt system, which motivates traffic police officers to take bribes. To get proof of wide spread abuses and disrespect to laws among traffic policemen and in order to support his truth, Kirill has used a camera and gathered so much evidence of violations that it ultimately turned into a manhunt against him. Tragically it led to Kirill’s unlawful detention and almost to death beating. His courageous decision not to give in to police pressure has triggered a wave of mass support for his social principles, against which even the all-mighty Russian police couldn’t turn a blind eye. Thus, Kirill slowly gained not only a regional but also the whole nations’ support, which gradually turned him into a famous activist for drivers’ rights in Russia. Now Kirill is devoting all his free time to help for free any driver, who calls him for help. Besides, Kirill quite often shows a much better knowledge of all laws and regulations related to traffic control and vehicles sales and exploitation. Practically Kirill Formanchuk has turned into a symbol of the new Russian generation that wants to live normally under the rules of law equal for everybody, a generation that is not willing to tolerate anymore the lawlessness and impunity of those, who are supposed to “serve and protect”.

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