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Sergiu Mocanu, leader of the Popular Action movement in Moldova.

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Sergiu Mocanu has probably become one of the most talked about political personality in the Republic of Moldova nowadays. A fighter in the military conflict with Transnistrian separatists in 1992, during which his bravery was marked with the highest state distinction Order of the Republic, then an active politician in the Parliament’s democratic factions in the late 90-ies, then, strangely, turned a top Counsellor of the last communist President Voronin - however, always in the front and always in the loop. After a year of keeping a low-profile, Sergiu Mocanu has literally shaken the country with his outstanding declarations about Moldova being controlled by mafia. He has named some top names and published a scheme, which shows how the top positions in Moldova are controlled by business interests of a certain man Vlad Plahotniuc, who has rapidly amassed enormous fortune within the last years through racketeering and raiding cash rich businesses, having used in his own interests most of the state institutes and corrupted judicial system, which he has bought and controls. Above that, Sergiu Mocanu has claimed that this odious mafia leader businessman has bought out an entire Democratic Party and its leader Marian Lupu, both being used as a top political coverup for Plahotniuc’s assets and activities and his future expansion plans. Being accused of lack of real evidence and of launching a game to follow his own (or those of the communists’) political and economic interests, Sergiu Mocanu, nevertheless, has done a brave job to wake Moldovan people after eight years of hibernation during communist regime, at least pointing out that serious problems with justice, transparency, people’s rights, mass media and state security do exist.

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