In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.

George Orwell

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Tribute to Margaret Thatcher: great leader has uncovered an alarming void

When Margaret Thatcher passed away recently, it made me sad, though I saw her only on TV. I guess, I was not the only one, for whom this loss mattered - all news channels were full of reminiscences and reviews about her policies and personality. Though some still hated the "iron Lady", overall the whole world was mourning for a great leader. Those who are now in their 40-ies and 50-ies, will probably understand what I am going to say. In every person's life there are heroes and demons, who left an imprint on their personality, on life principles and attitudes. An older friend from school shares a "wisdom" from the street, a "Jenny from the block" leaves first impressions about love and relationships, an unorthodox professor at the institute provokes your desire to think differently, an author of an interesting book sets sails for some of your spiritual journeys, while leaders at national/international levels show you how to lead (of course, if you have an inkling for leading)....

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Lack of truly great world leaders nowadays is caused by:

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With regard to Europe being under a single currency, Margaret Thatcher once said: “Every single fixed exchange rate has cracked in the end. We’re all at different levels of development of our economies. Some countries simply couldn’t live up to a single currency…We should each of us be proud to be separate countries cooperating together.”

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